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My name is Marshall H. Goodman and I run a marketing agency specializing in basic Search Engine Optimization and basic and advanced Social Media Marketing campaigns.

I am publishing a series of articles about marketing on the internet, both here and on my blogspot blog. I intend to discuss scenarios that are relevant to today's marketing environment. I am considering some of the following topics:
- What do I need to do to optimize my website to improve its position on Google's Search Engine Result Page (SERP)?
- I am not using Social Media yet. Why is using Social Media to market my product or service so important?
- Why do I need to take care in choosing my keywords?
- Do I need to know about geo-targeting my keywords?
- Is the Page Rank of a website that links to mine important?
- Where is all this new traffic going to come from and how do I know?
- My Social Media marketing campaign is giving me lots of traffic. Now what?
- Why is a 6 month Social Media marketing campaign an investment and not an expense?

Here is my overview of Social Media Marketing and here are some Testimonials.
You can contact me here.

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I am always interested in how visitors arrive at my website. For your information, you are using the unknown browser, you came from a direct link and used these (unavailable) as your keywords. I can do this for your website too.


September 12, 2010 - Google Instant Search.....
Here is another instance of Google lowering the bar for successful search.


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